Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Because when you turn 100 years old...

you definitely deserve your own blog post! I wrote about it in my five for Friday last week, but thought I would share some more pictures. My wonderful, beautiful great-grandma Frances turned 100 years old on October 16th. Luckily, Brad and I were able to make it to Minneapolis to join in the party. Which is super fun when you're 100 years old, still live by yourself, have hilarious stories to tell, and loads of family around! In addition to Grandma Frances (who my middle name is after... which I hated when I was in elementary school. How could I hate a name after such a cool lady?!), we hung out with my Dad, grandparents, aunt and uncle and my three cousins, another aunt and another cousin and her baby - and that's not even half the family! A fun time was had by all, I'm sure. It was the perfect way to kick off our Seattle anniversary trip.
PS That's my little cousin Miles whose head is peaking over the top of the cake when she's blowing out the candles. Cutest thing ever!

the cake was MEGA YUM

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