Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My crazy life

Life the past few weeks has been absolutely insane. Wedding Central is taking over a corner of my apartment (and half of Brad's dining room table!); honeymoon planning is fun, but time consuming... there are so many choices; addressing 55 invitations was more daunting than I ever thought possible, but at least they're done and in the mail; and I had my bottom wisdom teeth out!
Just take a look:

But knowing I'm marrying this guy in a few weeks makes it all worth it :)


Mindy said...

Tyler and I are so excited for you and Brad! We wish we could come--alas, the life of poor newlyweds! ;-) And I know what you mean about addressing invitations!

Callie said...

Hooray for wedding planning! Where are you going on your honeymoon?

tuffy0317 said...

Hey Callie -- We're going on a 7 night cruise around the western Mediterranean and to Barcelona for three days.

Are you and Tim going to be able to make it to the wedding? Hope so!

Callie said...

Ooh! Sounds amazing! No, *sniff, sniff*, sent in our reply card. We cannot make it. We were hoping to but then with the need to buy another car and then having some unexpected repairs needed, money is hard to come by. I wish we could be there, but we will definitely be with you in spirit!