Friday, August 27, 2010

Five for Friday

1. Wohoo! We're back! Okay, actually that is not really something to celebrate, since it means we're no longer on vacation. But I guess you gotta work sometime, huh?

2. Our vacation to Maine & Canada was amazing! Really, amazing doesn't even cover it. The weather was crisp & cool the entire time (except for you Boston, what's with that heat?). The nature & scenery were gorgeous. We ate & laughed our way through New England & Canada, & threw in a sea kayaking trip of epic proportions along the way. I can't wait to share pictures with all of you - editing down the 1200 we took has been a bit of a bear!

3. As a gift from the vacation-gods, the weather in D.C. has been nothing short of fall-like this week. It is the only thing that made coming back from vacation a little easier. We'll return to summer on Sunday though, when it's supposed to be 90 degrees - ouch!

4. Honestly, who isn't excited about the football season being, literally, right around the corner? Our evenings have been filled with NFL pre-season games & college games start next week. There is nothing I love more than a Saturday tailgate!

5. One of the hardest things about being back from vacation is getting my sleep schedule back on track. For 10 days we went to bed when we wanted & (mostly) got up when we wanted. I have not been able to shake the grogginess this week. Hopefully a restful weekend will cure all ills.

Happy weekend people!

P.S. I know you've missed my 52 lists project - they'll be back next week!

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