Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back from Barbados!

Ok, we've actually been back from Sunday, but I've been trying to keep my zen-like island state and ignore the fact that I'm back in a place where it snows. I'm still going through our pictures, but thought I'd share some that I've actually uploaded from the point and shoot. The unidentified person in these pictures is my good friend (and former bridesmaid!) Laura, who went with us.

taking pictures at Little Bay (I have a lot of pictures of me taking pictures... it's one of Brad's favorite things to do... not sure why!)
Laura catches up on her reading
man and his machine
looking sassy at Miami Beach (no, a different Miami beach!)

this picture completely negates all I learned during my time living in Florida on how NOT to look like a tourist... geeze!
I think this sign is hilarious. "Gents arm hole shirts"!!!
Laura and I literally laughed about this for an entire week
kind of sad to be going home

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Mindy said...

Great pics! Makes me want to go to the beach...