Friday, January 23, 2009

While 1.8 million people were in D.C., freezing their butts off...

Brad and I were (pretending not to be cold) in Florida!

Brad and I took a quick trip down to Florida last weekend to escape the insanity that was Washington, D.C. during the Inauguration. We were blessed with temperatures about 50 degrees warmer than it was here when we left on Saturday, although the 48 degrees with 30mph winds we experienced on the beach Tuesday were nothing to sneeze at!

After landing on Saturday, we had lunch with the parents of one of my oldest friends. It was so good to see them, catch up and talk about old times. We spent Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning with Brad's grandparents, who are snow birds up in Zephyrhills. We had a nice time and watched some really cool sky diving Sunday afternoon:

loving this sign!

Thanks for letting us crash at your place Granny and Gramps!
On Monday, we went to Busch Gardens, which we unfortunately do not have any pictures of (except the cheesy one they snap of you when you first walk in that Brad insisted we had to buy... it was like Chicago all over again!). We had a great time and I felt like I was 17 again, riding all the coasters (except the "new" scary one that drops you at a 90 degree angle!). The weather was really nice, if not a little windy, and we had a really great time. I can't say enough how impressed Brad and I were with not only my willingness to ride all the same coasters I rode ten years ago, but my insisting that go on each of them multiple times! Go me! ;)

On Tuesday, we bummed around in the morning, drove all the way to Carrollwood to go to my favorite thai place for lunch - love you Jasmine Thai!!! - and then headed over to the beach to watch the sunset. Correction, tried to watch the sunset. What we ended up with was a cloudy, windy mess and a great sunset up until about 15 minutes before the sun actually went down. Boo on you sunset. So we hung out at Caddy's, had some adult beverages and grilled shrimp and enjoyed cold weather beaching, one of my favorite winter activities!
cold weather beaching my friend!

a pina colada makes everything better a beautiful sunset swallowed up in clouds

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