Monday, August 18, 2008


We're all moved! The new place is an absolute disaster and poor Brad. Poooooor Brad. I am leaving him in our messy, messy, unorganized apartment because I'm headed to Austin, Texas for work later this afternoon. Luckily, I will be back tomorrow night, so, unless he gets hurried in the clutter, I can help set up. We love the new space though. There is soo much more room, especially in the kitchen cupboards (we went from two usable cupboards to like five!). I can't wait to get it all set up, so I can post some pictures. In the mean time...

only about half our books, piled two and three stacks deep on top of our desk
the only semi-organized room! ;) LOVE our new bed

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Diane said...

Can't wait to see the pics of it all settled into!