Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Six Months

So, apparently I'm a bad wife. After checking out numerous blogs, it appears almost a requirement that if you're a "newlywed" (I use that term loosely now!) that you're supposed to brag on your six month anniversary. Ours was last Sunday. Opps! So, just imagine I'm posting this on Sunday :)

Six months ago, Brad and I became husband and wife. It was such a great, happy day for both of us. We're not much on celebrating random anniversary's, but Brad still treated me right for this one. Saturday night after 5:00pm Mass, we went to Il Porto, our favorite restaurant in Old Town for a fantastic dinner (same restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner!). Since we're frequent diners here, we've gotten to know the manager pretty well and were greeted warmly, as always. We had a great meal - salad, pasta, even dessert and coffee! Afterward, we headed home and watched "Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark" - obviously a very romantic movie! We're plowing our way through all three old Indiana Jones movies before the new one comes out this summer :)

Sunday morning we were able to relax a little, since we had gone to church the night. We met our friends Gena and Mike for lunch, since they were in town for the weekend. They're getting married in June. Gena was my maid of honor and I'm a bridesmaid in her wedding, which I'm very excited about. She and Mike are a great couple. After lunch, Brad and I took a good ol' fashioned nap, which was fantastic. One of those really good quality naps where you fall deep asleep and wake up an hour later totally refreshed. Sunday night, Brad made me a fantastic dinner. I should have taken a picture, it was so good. Baked chicken marinated in Italian dressing, broccoli with some melted cheese on top (Brad HATES broccoli, but knows it's my favorite... now that's love) and some bowtie pasta. Oh yeah, and Yellow Tail Cabernet-Shiraz, which I promptly finished with last night's dinner. It was just great. Afterward, we just hung out, watched some baseball on TV, prayed the Rosary and headed to bed.

So happy (belated now) anniversary honey! I'm so happy to be your wife!! :)

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Callie said...

yay! Happy 6 months! I love the little ones...they're so fun!