Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Two things...

Two quick things:

1. I've posted a smattering of professional wedding pictures on my flickr account. I took out all the duplicates, picked out some of the best shots, and recropped some so-so shots to make them great (see below). Just click here!

2. Please keep the people of Tulsa, Oklahoma and all the Midwest in your prayers. There was a really bad ice storm there earlier this week. Over 200,000 in the Tulsa metro area alone are without power and it is expected to be "weeks" before power is totally restored. We have been working way over time (till 9pm last night) trying to help people who call in, not that there is much we can do to get people's power turned on. Below is a pictrue of a co-workers house, which luckily didn't suffer structrual damage.

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